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By Sharmin Musca, Personal Stylist on September 27, 2017 in People

Jill the entrepreneur; Jo the sales assistant.

With the onset of warmer weather, wedding season is about to begin. I’ve had the pleasure of helping a few brides and grooms navigate their outfit selections, but they have it comparatively easy when it comes to wedding dressing because they get to choose the tone and set the dress code to suit themselves. For the guests, especially the single ones, selecting a wedding outfit can be a stressful endeavor, so here are some points to consider when deciding what to wear…

How formal is the wedding? Dress codes make less sense these days’ ‘Summer Black Tie’ or ‘Relaxed Formal’ aren’t particularly helpful outfit guidelines. Play it safe and ask for clarification or even a suggestion from your host of what they’d wear if in your shoes.

Do you need to make an important first impression? Will your ex’s new significant other be attending? What about potential future parents-in-law? Dress for yourself, but let this guide you in your general aesthetic.

Who’s your audience? Dressing for yourself is always key. You’ll never relax if you don’t feel comfortable in your sartorial choice for the evening. That said, there are nuances to dressing and I always consider my audience – for example, what I’d wear to a cousin’s parent-packed nuptials is different to what I’d wear to a fashion industry friend’s wedding.

How hard do you plan to party? If the answer is hard then I wouldn’t wear anything delicate, expensive, or that could induce a wardrobe malfunction while you’re cutting it up on the dance floor.

Will grass be involved? Sinking heels ruin everything. Consider this now and plan your outfit around your footwear.

Have you considered your accessories? So you’ve planned for the killer heels to best match your dress, now don’t leave it to the last moment to work out your jewellery. A sparkling necklace or drop-earrings and bright red lip can really lift an outfit.

How many times has this group seen your outfit? If the answer is many perhaps it’s time to consider buying or borrowing a new dress for this occasion and shelving your old dress for a more anonymous wedding or party.

Will it be cold? No one wants to cover up a smoking hot dress, but even in the middle of summer (and no matter how much you’ve had to drink) it can still get cold at night. Bring something to cover your shoulders – think a bolero jacket by Sass and Bide, cropped faux fur jacket by Keepsake, or even a feathered cape from Topshop. Just don’t limit yourself to a boring pashmina, okay?

On the streets this month I found…

Name: Jo
Occupation: Sales assistant, Hunt & Muse
Street Style: Jo wears a shirt from Top Shop, skirt by Shakuhachi, boots by The Last Conspiracy, and circular basket bag, all from Hunt and Muse (on Bondi Road, Bondi).
Fave Item for the season: Doc Martin boots.

Name: Jill
Occupation: Owner of online jewellery store,
Street Style: Jill wears a Capulet jacket from Tuchuzy, shirt by Grail, All Saints jeans, sunnies by Marni, and shoes and scarf by ACNE.
Fave Item for the season: By Boe jewellery.