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Dog Owners Kicked Off Clovelly Dog Park

By Kieran Blake, on June 3, 2019 in Satire

The dog days aren’t over, by Florence Welch.

Dog owners no longer have access to the off-leash dog area at northern Clovelly Beach following a Randwick Council decision to punish owners for continued flouting of council rules.
Council announced the bold move after dog owners were seen to be continually taking their pets to restricted areas surrounding the dog park, such as the football fields, rock pools, fitness equipment and the beach itself.
“The off-leash dog area between Burrows Park and Clovelly Beach is now off limits to dogs and will be converted into a community space for everyone to enjoy,” announced a council spokesperson.
“Dog owners enjoyed the privilege of having a designated space to exercise their dogs. They abused this privilege by taking their dogs to off-limit areas. As a result of their misbehaviour, they have had that privilege removed.”
Council cited reports from rangers in defending the contentious decision.
“Our dedicated, highly visible and highly efficient rangers issued numerous warnings and fines on a daily basis to dog owners, and yet they persisted in walking their dogs in places that are off limits. It has come to our attention that the ‘no dogs’ sign at the entrance to the rock pools was also blacked out on numerous occasions, and was replaced on numerous occasions, at rate-payers’ expense.”
The space will be returned to the general public and a number of options for its long-term use are still being discussed. The proposals include the re-vegetation of the site to create a haven for native wildlife, and a wild play area similar to the enormously popular area in Centennial Park.
Another option is a community garden, while other suggestions include the construction of a BMX/Pump track and skills park for cyclists who can enjoy riding without the threat of traffic. The area may also be converted into another playing field to complement the football fields at Burrows Park, or an open space to host food vans in summer as well as outdoor entertainment such as concerts, mini festivals and movie events.
Owners will still be able to walk their dogs on the coastal walk, provided the dogs remain on a leash.
Randwick Council also issued this warning to dog owners planning to disobey the rules in the future.
“Any dog found in an off-limit area near Clovelly Beach will be impounded and held in a well-maintained, modern care facility until payment of the appropriate fine.”
The conversion of this valuable patch of real estate is still being discussed, and Randwick Council has invited all residents to take advantage of the community consultation process to provide feedback and to have their say on the best use of the space.


  1. Resiponsible dog owners should not be punished for the inappropriate behaviour of others. I have used Burrows Park
    off-leash area over the last 7 years, taking care to keep my dog within the boundaries and in control so no people or dogs
    have been hurt. Fines should be issued to owners who infringe the rules rather than removing the facility for all. A high fence
    area would be appropriate for those who do not have full control over their dogs.

    Posted by: Jane Stops | November 12, 2020, 10:14 AM |

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  2. Great Hopefully they will close the one in Coogee as well, as for all the responsible dog owners out there well there cant be many as there is a fair bit of dog crap around the coogee dog park and the Eco park at the back of Elphinstone street, even lots of plastic wrapped (pooh bags) thrown in the gutter and under bushes.
    So please dont give me the responsible dog owner card, speak up if you see it happening as silence is to consent!

    Posted by: Simon | December 12, 2020, 8:26 PM |

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  3. Coogee and Maroubra are no better than clovelly. The coastal walk near Wylies and the down at Mahon pool are packed with dogs off the leash in areas where it is illegal. My kids are visible panicking when a loose dog approaches them and the owners typically don’t care…
    Today there was one inside a playground in Oberón street!
    Besides fines, We need responsible dog owners to help control those that don’t respect the designated areas.

    Posted by: Chris chapman | January 9, 2021, 9:56 PM |

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  4. For those who aren’t dog lovers….., fair enough. But it’s pretty
    unlikely tht all the canines who will now thru punishment, unfair to them
    become frustrated and unfortunately possibly harmful and aggressive
    Should they come in contact with humans and other dogs.
    Keeping irresponsible dog owners accountable for their unruly
    Behaviour, can’t be tht hard. Other dog owners can take photos of their
    Dogs and report it to council
    This can be done discreetly

    Posted by: Jane | March 4, 2021, 9:21 PM |

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