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Carney Carnage Is A Disgrace

By Duncan Horscroft on April 20, 2011 in Sport

Dear Todd Carney,

Could you please do all of us Roosters fans a huge favour and get the hell out of the Eastern Suburbs and take some of your knucklehead teammates with you.

We don’t need you and we don’t want you.

We are sick of hearing your excuses for falling off the wagon and we are sick of your lies.

How could any so-called loving son use his mother as an excuse to not turn up at a game and, without any remorse whatsoever, be out on the tiles until 4am on a Sunday morning.

No, I am sorry Todd, you are well past your use-by date with this loyal Roosters supporter of more than 50 years.

The once proud heritage club has been dragged down into the gutter by you and your mates’ antics over the past couple of years and no amount of false apologies and seeking of forgiveness will rectify that.

You don’t seem to care about the impression you have given the hordes of youngsters out there who looked up to you as a hero.

What sort of an example do you think you have set them?

Teenagers will now think it is cool to drive around on P-plates with alcohol in their system because the almighty Todd Carney beat the rap.

How smart you must think you are. And to back up only a couple of weeks after the charge and go back out on the drink after promising not to… oh, what a hero you are!!

I honestly thought after being runner-up last year and with you, Mr Carney, winning the penultimate award – the Dally M Medal – the Roosters were a team that had found respect after a year of turmoil in 2009.

But it has become apparent that 2011 is another year where the team has lost all direction and does not care about how their loyal fans feel.

And for Steve Noyce to come out and deny his club has a discipline problem, it truly is a sad day.

For mine, I will stick to going down to the local club rugby games at Woollahra and Coogee Ovals.

These blokes aren’t on ridiculously over-inflated contracts and are just happy to give their all to their club in the name of loyalty and dedication.

Yes Mr Carney, LOYALTY and DEDICATION. Look those words up in the dictionary when you sober up.