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Video of the Week – Bondi’s Responsible Runners

By Dan Hutton on November 11, 2012 in Sport

Responsible Runners – Cleaning up Bondi Beach – 4 Nov 2012 from 3DOTS STUDIO on Vimeo.

This may not be the best video but the idea behind it is outstanding. I’ve had a couple of emails from the guys behind Responsible Runners and I’ve been waiting for my chance to give them a bit of a plug. So here it is!

Basically these guys hit the soft sand at Bondi (like so many other people) but rather than just going for a run for the sake of fitness alone, they also pick up a whole heap of the junk that gets left or blows onto the beach.

I absolutely hate litterers (and litter itself) so I’m a big fan of this ‘movement’. Check out the vid and if you want to get involved with the Responsible Runners or find out more information go to