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Working Off The April Binge

By East Side Crew on May 6, 2011 in Sport

Will April just hurry up and end! I mean not one, not two, but three public holidays in a month. Really? Who does that? We’ve had enough of being tricked by those sneaky people at Cadbury into eating more chocolate just because it’s wrapped in shiny foil and shaped like a rabbit. Couple this with the start of footy season (and the associated evenings of pizza and beer) and our love for Anzac biscuits and you can see from our expanding waistlines why we are desperate for April to end!

If, like most of us, every May you vow not to pile on the pounds over winter and if, like most of us, you’ve put on couple of extra kilos before winter has even started (note to self: Easter eggs, plus beer and pizza in front of the footy on Friday nights, is not compatible with the wearing of skinny jeans), don’t stress. There is no need to panic and rush out to buy a new pair of jeans just yet.

This month we have given you a workout that all the Crew guys will do as part of the six-week challenge.
This month’s workout is a full body workout specifically designed to help you burn fat faster than you can say: “each Easter Eddie eats eighty Easter eggs”.

The workout follows an ‘AMRAP’ (as many rounds as possible) format, which basically means that you try to get through as many rounds of the workout as possible within a set time period.

Benefits Of The Workout

AMRAP workouts are perfect if you have to train by yourself or have trouble staying motivated. By setting a goal and racing against the clock to beat it you work at a higher intensity for the duration of the workout, which will help you to burn fat both during and after the workout. The other benefit of the workout is that it is easy set goals to track your progress as your fitness increases.


• 7 squats
• 7 clap push ups
• 7 v sits
• 7 lunge jumps
• 7 dive bomber push ups
• 7 sit ups
• 1 shuttle run (20 metres out and back)

Repeat as many times as possible in seven minutes (or five minutes for guys who want to do the fundamentals workout). Rest for two minutes and repeat two more times. Try to beat the number of rounds and exercises you get through each time.

The Crew record for this workout is seven rounds in seven minutes. If you can beat that result, let us know and you will win one week of free training with the Crew (where we will test you out!).