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Video of the Week – Bacon’s Soft Sand Marathon

By Dan Hutton on December 11, 2011 in Video

On Saturday morning, at the crack of sparrow’s when most of us were still rugged up in bed (and plenty of us were probably still out on the piss!), Waverley Lifeguard Adriel ‘Bacon’ Young was trudging back and forth on the soft sand of Bondi Beach.

For some time he has been training with the goal of completing the 42.2km journey on the soft sand and on Saturday morning he achieved his goal with relative ease, stopping the clock in 4 hours, 6 minutes and 3 seconds.

To put this into perspective little further, 42.2km equates to 46 soft sand laps. If you get the chance, go down to Bondi and run one lap in the soft sand and you’ll gain added respect for Bacon’s efforts.

Of course, the run wasn’t just for personal satisfaction, bacon is also aiming to raise some much needed funds for sick and starving kids in Africa and you can still donate to this great cause by visiting

The above video of the soft sand marathon is courtesy of fellow lifeguard Andrew Reid, who is not only looking ridiculously fit at the moment, he also spot on when describing Bacon as a “bloody legend”.