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Video of the Week – The Ride

By Dan Hutton on May 12, 2013 in Video

The Ride: East Coast from liam taylor on Vimeo.

Young Waverley lifeguards Trent Maxwell and Jesse Pollock are a bit like the odd couple. Trent is baby faced and naive while Bra Boy Jesse’s thick pelt of tattoos and steely gaze lead you to believe that he may have seen more in his 20-odd years than most of us could expect to see in a lifetime. Strangely enough, since becoming acquainted through their job as lifeguards, the pair have become the best of mates.

To test that friendship, the salt encrusted duo have decided to embark on a journey that has never been attempted before – a gruelling 2500km jet ski ride from Sydney to Cairns. The journey, to be known as ‘The Ride’, aims to raise the profile of mental health charity ‘Headspace’.

Throughout their trip, Maxi and Jesse will visit various Headspace centres along the coast to meet people that have been affected by suicide. They’ll share their personal stories and try to give people a laugh and a taste of their adventure.

This video is now up on Pozible – check it out right here. If you’re feeling generous, jump on, donate and support a great cause. They’ll also be filming the entire journey too so you can expect more videos along the way!