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Video of the Week – Way Too Many

By Dan Hutton on November 13, 2014 in Video

The Electronic Afterlife from Gizmogul on Vimeo.

This is a bloody interesting video. Yes, it is promoting some US gadget recycling mob called Gizmogul but let’s try to look past that. I promise I have received no cash from them for this. It’s just a good video.

Basically, the video is about one man’s cross-Atlantic journey to reveal the truth about electronics recycling. It’s quite compelling and might make you think twice about buying that second iPad.

Someone sent us a message on Facebook the other day about The Beast being responsible for the felling of many trees. Well, take a look at this before you judge as all these electronics aren’t exactly saving the world. I should note that we use a mix of sustainable plantation timber and recycled paper for The Beast, and the magazine itself is one hundred percent recyclable itself. So there.

Anyway, click play and think twice about how and where you dispose of your electronics. In fact, think twice before you buy them in the first place!