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Video of the Week – The Wise Man

By Dan Hutton on November 2, 2014 in Video

Today’s video is part of a series called Sculpted in Time. This episode, titled ‘The Wise Man’, features an 88-year-old fella named Eddie Hunter (who happens to sound like the computer voice in Radiohead’s ‘OK Computer’) and his deep rooted connection with Mt. Norquay in Banff National Park.

Born in 1926, the same year Mt. Norquay was established, Eddie has been skiing Banff’s first ski resort for over 80 years. Eddie escorts the viewer through Norquay’s past and present, sharing the impact the mountains have had in his life and which he proudly passes onto his children.

I assume this is some sort of ad for Banff, but it’s a pretty interesting watch regardless. It’s also got me pretty keen to book a trip over to Canada for some fresh pow pow this season.

Enjoy the 5-minute video as Hunter takes viewers on a tour of his age old mountain.