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Like Neon Within

By bmay on October 28, 2011 in Arts

The pictures in British born artist, Guy James Whitworth’s new show ‘Like Neon within’ are memorable for a few reasons. It is not just the fact that all his paintings are in garish, bright, almost day-glow colours, nor is it that all the paintings are of quite graphic nudes. But it’s the attitude and strength of the pieces are both startling and inspiring at the same time.

For the last decade Guy has been living in Surry Hills, Sydney and is happy to call Australia home.

“The paintings I’ve been doing for the past few years have really come full circle,” he says flicking through a colourful portfolio of both nudes and intimate portraits. ‘For a while I was using a far bolder and brutal style, which made the work very difficult to place, and indeed sell. It’s all kind of softening a little as I age and I’m also really rediscovering colour. Although I doubt my work will never be too safe or too pretty, I just can’t change that!’

Whatever he’s doing, collectors seem to like it. This is Whitworth’s second solo show in Sydney after the success of his first ‘The power of youth and beauty’ in 2000. ‘I have a reliable circle of buyers who will buy my work, which is completely brilliant, but also frustrating when I’m trying to piece together an exhibition,’ he smiles a little self mockingly.

Whitworth’s unique combination of style, attitude, colour and pop culture, oh, and yes, a good old splash of nudity, all come together to make this an exhibition not to be missed.

‘Like Neon Within’ runs from Wednesday, November 3 til Saturday, November 12 at The Pine Street Gallery, 64 Pine Street, Chippendale.

Gallery hours; Mon to Friday 9.30- 5.30 Saturday 12-3