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Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

By Dan Hutton on October 28, 2011 in Other


Up – Overseas Weddings – They may be expensive but they’re a great excuse for a holiday with your mates.

Down – Rugby Union – When every referee has a different interpretation of the rules it becomes quite frustrating.

Up – Steve Jobs – Without the work of Jobsy, putting The Beast together each month would be a far more difficult task.

Down – The Aussie Dollar – It’s been up and down like an epileptic yo-yo lately. Please stay up!

Up – Sculptures – Tama locals probably hate it but we always look forward to seeing what the clever sculptors have created.

Down – Complainers – Some people just want to whinge about everything. Life is good – get over it!

Up – Natural Sleeping Tablets – Making long-haul flights far less painful without the associated sleeping pill hangover.

Down – The Economic Apocalypse – It seems that many of the world’s governments could learn a lot from the Dollarmites.

Up – Foot Massages – There are very few things in life better than a good foot massage after a long day on your feet.