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A Fabulous Bunch Of People

By Duncan Horscroft on April 26, 2012 in News

Photo: Gene Ross

As a recently inducted member of the senior citizens’ club it was an honour to have been nominated for Waverley Council’s Forever Fabulous awards.

But as a recently turned 60 year-old I was but a mere mongrel pup among a litter of pedigrees who were much more deserved than I to be recognised for their contributions to the Waverley Municipality.

One of the standouts among this wonderful band of senior citizens was Cyril Victor Bunny OAM, aged 97. Cyril received his OAM in 2003 for his services to the community through Rostrum Clubs NSW, which helps people gain confidence through public speaking.

And at a recent lunch put on by Waverley Council to celebrate Forever Fabulous, Cyril was awarded the inaugural diamond pin as reward for his contribution.

“There’s no other pleasure in life like the pleasure of imparting knowledge to other people,” Cyril, who hosts volunteer archeology at the Waverley Seniors Centre, said. “I have a principle: I hope that when I leave this life, at least I have left it that little bit better for my having been in it.”

Included among the other Fabulous cast were Don Richie OAM, who was named Australia’s Local Hero in the 2011 Australian Of The Year Awards for his efforts in preventing more than 160 people from taking their lives at The Gap during the 45 years he had lived across the road from the infamous cliff.

The other seniors to be recognised were Arthur Pulford, Eileen Gordon, Harold Herman, John Wright OAM, Josephine Fernandez, Margaret Berliner, Marie Curtis, Marion Welch, Mary Magisic, Merlyn Swan, Joe Ludemann, Patricia Moylan, Ruth Barclay and Walter and Rachael Travers.

Waverley Council’s Linda McDonald and Angie Baker did a fantastic job hosting the lunch and Dan O’Connell Hall, manager of Eastgate Shopping Centre, was also on deck to help with the celebrations.