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Baby Workshops Give Dads A Chance To Bond

By Fleur Castlereagh on May 23, 2011 in News

As we notice that a greater number of dads are pushing prams in the streets and are taking a more hands-on approach to fathering, it’s obvious that change is in the air.

The days when dads were allergic to changing nappies seem to be over. Instead, they want to bond with their children right from the start.

Recently, The Benevolent Society established a regular baby workshop where new and expectant dads could get together and discuss any concerns that they might have about being a father.

“I was so excited when I took my son for a three month check-up and noticed a flyer about the group,” said workshop convert Greg Anderson.

“I wanted to be able to help with things like changing nappies, feeding and settling the baby. At the group we have a yarn about these issues with a bunch of other dads and offer each other tips and advice.”

The weekly workshop is an opportunity for new and expectant fathers to not only talk about their experiences but to also gain some practical ideas around being a parent.

Various speakers are invited to talk about issues such as baby settling techniques, establishing a relationship through play, maintaining work/life balance and handling stress.

According to psychologist and workshop coordinator Jason Warne, there are many support networks and groups out there for women but men are left behind.

“There is virtually nothing out there for men. Most guys go straight back to work after the baby is born and they really need support as their role is changing,” Jason told The Beast.

Childcare statistics show that fathers are increasingly prioritising their childcare responsibilities and are spending more time playing with their kids and caring for them.

Psychological research also suggests that a father’s affection and increased family involvement helps promote children’s social and emotional development.

“We believe that this more hands-on approach to fathering needs to be recognised and supported,” said Jason.

As there has been a shift in a father’s role compared to past generations the myth that mums can only bond with babies is definitely not the case now and there is research is prove it.

Jason suggests that new dads need to get hands-on as much as possible and as quickly as possible.

“Roll up your sleeves and get into it straight away; don’t stand back,” he added.

You can almost hear the collective roar of mums cheering as they read this.

The Benevolent Society Baby Workshops for Dads are held on Wednesdays from 6pm to 7.45pm on an on-going basis at Scarba House, 24A Ocean Street, Bondi. For more information contact Jason Warne on 0419 461 422 If you know of any other similar baby workshops for dads in the Eastern Suburbs, please leave a comment below.