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Frother Of The Month – Tory Vidler

By Brad Malyon on May 20, 2011 in Sport

Photo: Brad Malyon

We’d like to introduce you to the gorgeous Tory Vidler, the coolest school teacher a kid could ask for. Originally from Perth, she has the surf in her veins…

Name: Tory Vidler

Age: 28

Born: Perth, Western Australia

Local break: South Bondi

Goofy or natural: Goofy

Boards: A trusty 9’1” Takayama mal, a 5’6” Van Straalen Fish, a 6’0” McCoy single fin and my much-loved 6’0” ‘I love surf’ wooden board given to me by my friend James who started The Source Surfboards (he named the model the TVid!).

Have you lived around these parts your whole life? I was raised in Perth but I’ve also worked and studied in the US, France, Belgium, the Gold Coast and Canberra. I’ve now been in Bondi almost four years and love it.

How long have you been surfing for? On and off since I was 15.

Is surfing in the family? Yes. I’m the eldest of five children and both of my sisters surfs and one of my brothers surfs. we are working my youngest brother on! My family ran surf shops in WA and Queensland and I’ve always been around the water, surfing and surf lifesaving were a big part of growing up.

Most memorable surfing moment? The ultimate was when I was in Sumba, an island in the east of Indonesia, and my whole family was out in the surf together with perfect waves and nobody around.

Where is your favourite surf spot? Three Bears in South West WA because it’s a great wave and I love the 4WD ritual to get there. In Sydney I love Mackenzies.

What do you get up to when you’re not surfing? I teach girls at Kincoppal Rose Bay when I’m not being distracted from the classroom by the sweeping views of the harbour. School is only five minutes from Bondi and I’m hoping it may produce a world champion surfer one day. Besides teaching, I love reading, watching and making films, people, and travel.

Who will win the women’s World Tour this year? They are all surfing so well that Stephanie Gilmore will have to work hard to win again. Hopefully a young Australian might take over like Sally Fitzgibbons.

Do you think as a female surfer it was a more difficult sport to take up? No! It’s addictive and fun, not difficult.

What advice would you give to other ladies who are thinking of hitting the waves? Get out in the water every morning and enjoy yourself. Girls have natural balance and grace so surfing allows us to embrace that.