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Boxing Club Inspires Young Men to Give Back

By Kate Myers on September 15, 2021 in News

Left to right: Adam, Cassius, Dylan, Tara, Jack, Zak, Arthur and Jayson

If you head down to PCYC Eastern Suburbs almost any afternoon of the week, you will find an extensive range of activities on offer, catering to young people of all ages from all walks of life. On most of those days, you are also likely to find the PCYC Eastern Suburbs boxers hard at work, a group of young men and their volunteer coaches that are doing much more than just learning their way around a ring. Dylan Booth, Jack Ringrose, Arthur Ensall, Cassius Scott and Zak Murphy are all core group members of PCYC Eastern Suburbs and train together five to six times a week. This is an impressive commitment that involves not only their regular sessions in the afternoons following work and school, but also a 6-10 kilometre early morning run most days to improve general fitness and start the day on a positive note. The group are mentored by four volunteer boxing coaches including Harry Lichnos, Adam Joseph, Trent Murphy and head coach Jayson Laing, who keep the sessions engaging and varied each week, focusing on general boxing training, pad work, core strength and building a range of lifelong skills. Mr Laing and the other coaches involved put considerable time and effort into running the group, sharing their boxing expertise as well as a few life lessons along the way. “When the boys come here for training, everyone in the room is equal, no matter where they are from,” Mr Laing told The Beast. “Everything else, all the other stuff going on in their lives, gets left at the door.” The program has not only cemented strong friendships between the boys and improved confidence, but has also encouraged members to be positive role models within the community and inspire other youth. In a full circle moment for the program, all of the boys involved have now given their own time to assisting with the PCYC Eastern Suburbs Junior Boxing program in addition to their own training. This junior group has seen significant growth in youth attendance since the older boys became involved. Dylan, who has been training at PCYC Eastern Suburbs for five years, says the chance to get involved in the junior boxing program was a no-brainer. “Jayson and the other coaches have done so much for us, so it’s great to be able to give back,” he said. Despite the challenges of COVID restrictions and lockdowns, the group remains dedicated. They were rewarded for their efforts at the NSW Novice State Titles at Doyalson in May, with Dylan, Jack, Cassius and Zak all walking away with gold medals in their divisions. While Arthur didn’t get to fight at Doyalson, he has achieved two wins out of his last two fights and the group are set to test their skills at more fights in the coming months. Jack and Cassius, two of the group’s key members, say that while the training is about so much more than winning, having a goal keeps the group focused. “The competitions give us something to work towards,” they told The Beast. “We always want to get better.”