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Locals To Face More Parking Pain

By Sarah Healey on May 13, 2014 in News

Picture: Sandy Carr

Picture: Sandy Carr

If you asked any Bondi resident what their number one gripe about living in their piece of paradise was, more often than not their first response, straight off the bat, would be parking.

A number of Bondi residents are up in arms having received a letter from Council in mid March notifying them that they may no longer be entitled to the same number of parking permits that they have been in the past.

These changes have come about as a result of a residential parking review by Waverley Council. Council reviewed its entire parking system back in 2009 and agreed at the time that the residential parking component should be treated as a separate review, which has now been undertaken.

During this review, Council discussed how to allocate residential parking stickers to Strata and Company Title buildings. A Company Title building is classified as one property and therefore is eligible for no more than three permits, minus any off street parking that is available on the block.

However, in an attempt to be more flexible, Council has been granting one parking sticker to each unit holder in these Company Title buildings. Council has always allowed more than one sticker for owners of Strata Units.

According to Council, problems with the system have arisen due to errors in its records.

“The case in point arises because some Company Title buildings were listed as Strata Buildings on Council records when they should have been registered as Company Title,” a Council spokesperson said.

“During the review, we found a number of properties which were incorrectly classified as strata titled buildings. We have since amended these buildings to the correct classification of a single dwelling property (non strata building).

“Unfortunately, this means some residents will only be entitled to one parking permit where they once were allowed up to three permits.“

Not all residents will be affected by the changes and those that are will still be entitled to their existing allotment of permits until it comes time to renew them again, meaning there’s still plenty of time get that second gas-guzzler up on Gumtree.