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It’s OK to Help with Mental Health

By Duncan Horscroft on May 25, 2018 in News

You’re not alone, by Morgan Wood.

Depression and anxiety can be defined in many ways and overcome by different methods including a positive mindset, relaxation techniques, small reminders that everything’s going to be fine, or even just the thought of knowing you are supported and not alone.
Bronte resident Kietah Martens-Shaw has experienced the tough times first-hand after being diagnosed with cervical cancer, followed by kidney disease that was caused by a reaction to medication. With little understanding and acceptance of what was happening to her, Kietah fell into a deep depression.
After three years of bad health and disappointing results she got the all clear with cervical cancer, and it was through those years of struggle that she decided to help others and founded B.OKideas.
“During that dark period I felt an overwhelming sense of loneliness – not because I didn’t have people around but rather the people around me were not sure how to support me, what to say or what would help,” she told The Beast.
B.OKideas is a gifting movement to help promote self-care and bring awareness to general mental wellbeing. It offers an array of ideas inspired by Kietah’s personal experiences, in particular a B.OK box offering support over a 63-day period.
The boxes are seasonal and aimed at providing a unique support method which will help guide people to a happier mindset. The recipient will be given an envelope to open every 7-14 days and each envelope has a new gift, concept and quote to concentrate on.
Other motivational items include a pair of socks with a subtle reminder to ‘be happy’, a wallet card for you to note who your B.OK buddies are, a coconut candle, essential oils and more.
“In addition to the gifting element is the B.OK Buddy Community,” Kietah said.
“We have created this digital platform on Facebook which is an international hub where people can feel safe, comfortable and supported through tough times.”
She said her current goal is to incorporate the boxes into corporate wellness programs to help employers support employees during tough times. She is also looking to provide boxes to homeless shelters and other charities.
“We are also hoping to expand the box range to meet the needs of a wider audience, such as tailored ones for males, females, children and the elderly,” she said.
B.OKideas is donating 10 per cent of all sales to the Waves of Wellness Foundation, which helps those with mental health issues through surf therapy in a non-clinical environment.
“Surfing has personally helped me and it’s the only time I am 100% present and in tune with myself. I want to ensure that as many people as possible get that chance,” Kietah said.
One of the motivational cards in the B.OK box says, “We can’t help everyone. But everyone can help someone.” – definitely an edict we should all aspire to!