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Randwick’s 2018-19 Draft Budget Open For Public Exhibition

By Siriol Dafydd on May 26, 2018 in News

The Randwick Municipal Council garbage truck back in June 1939, by Ray Tike.

Randwick City Council’s 2018-19 draft budget was released on May 1 and is currently open for public exhibition. Set to deliver $70 million in new community initiatives, programs and activities, the budget will be available for public comment until 9.00am on June 1.
So, if you’re a devoted fan of The Beast who reads it as soon as it’s delivered, you still have a chance to have your say on how Randwick Council should spend your money next financial year, providing that you actually live in Randwick Council’s LGA of course. But you’d better get a wriggle on, because time is nearly up.
“I’m particularly excited to be investing in our arts and local culture with design work to start on upgrading the La Perouse Museum and designing a new Cultural Centre at Blenheim House in Randwick, as well as new public art,” Randwick Mayor Lindsay Shurey announced in a press release in early May.
Domestic violence is also a focal point of Randwick Council’s budget plans. Similar efforts were recently discussed at Woollahra Council with new research underway for future support and facilities in their local government area.
“I’m pleased we are taking responsible steps to address domestic violence with an innovative strategy to support women exiting crisis accommodation into medium term accommodation,” said Mayor Shurey.
Other highlights of the budget include 4.9km of road upgrades and 3km of new and improved footpaths, and a new Gymnastics and Indoors Sports Centre, two major playground upgrades and various building and public toilet upgrades at La Perouse, Malabar, Yarra Bay and Maroubra.
A significant part of the budget – a whopping $38.7 million – is set for new buildings and upgrades. Spend is also allocated for public wifi, a Randwick Environment Park boardwalk extension and anti-terrorism works.
Unfortunately, like anything in this world, you’re not getting something for nothing, and with positive changes come rate increases. Council has applied to IPART (the Independent Pricing & Regulatory Tribunal) for a Special Rate Variation of 7.64% to Council’s total rate base for 2018-19. If approved, this would result in residential rates increasing by 5.52% in the next financial year, which for the average ratepayer paying about $1,223 a year is an increase of $64.
The cost of collecting your rubbish, recycling, green waste and providing four clean-up services per household per year will also increase 2.35% per year, raising the cost from $554 to $567.
Mayor Shurey believes Council’s finances are in a good position with a total operating revenue of $157 million. Council is also in compliance with all seven of the State Government required financial indicators.
“This budget delivers for the community what we promised,” said Mayor Shurey.
“We’re continuing our tradition of responsible and sound financial practices and getting on with the business of providing the community with top quality services, facilities and programs.”
The good people behind Randwick Council’s website have broken the issues down into suburbs so that you can easily access the sections and subjects most relevant and important to you. So, if you plan on complaining about where Council’s money is going over the next twelve months, you really have no excuse not to speak up.
A report of comments and input received will be presented to Council on June 26. While official consultation closes on June 1, submissions after this time will still be considered and incorporated in the report if possible. So, if you’re reading this a little late in the game but desperately want your voice to be heard, you may still have time.