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Alleged Crimes of the East

By Gary Larson on October 1, 2021 in Other

Big Brother is watching.

Maroubra Woman Really Blew It (So Did Son!)
A woman got her four-year-old son to blow into an alcohol interlock device, according to officers from City South-Botany Bay Highway Patrol. They have the pictures to prove it, and recently made a posting about them on the Highway Patrol Facebook page.
Interlock devices prevent drivers from starting their cars if they have a blood-alcohol level higher than .02. The picture above shows the actual hand-held device in the Maroubra mother’s car. There was also a prominent sticker on the inside of the mum’s windscreen saying a camera had been installed to ensure the correct driver was using the interlock. But, after several vain attempts to start the car using her own alcohol-laden breath, she ignored the camera warning as she got Junior to blow into the device. However, Junior did not have enough puff, so Mum then got hold of a 12 volt air compressor to try and trick the device! That did not work either. It was all caught on Candid Camera.
The mother’s illegal efforts to trick the interlock device emerged after she lowered her alcohol level enough to start the car legally before embarking on a disastrous journey. First she collided with another vehicle and failed to stop, then she was stopped by police in Redfern. Things quickly went downhill for her as she tested positive for methamphetamine and cocaine. She was taken to Mascot police station, along with her car, which was seized for examination of the interlock device.
At the station, officers played the images from the interlock unit, which showed the meth-taking mum making numerous failed starting attempts before recruiting her son, then using the air compressor. She was hit with a string of charges and given conditional bail to appear in court at a later date.

Protestors Nabbed Outside Council Chambers
Four people were arrested by police after a lockdown protest outside the Waverley Council chambers. They were among a group of 20 demonstrators, several of them mask-less, who congregated outside the Council buildings at the top of Bondi Road.
Police issued 14 Penalty Infringement Notices and arrested four people for refusing to move on. As police moved in, one man did the bolt and dashed onto Bondi Road, but he was soon caught by the long arm of the law. The protest was one of several near-simultaneous, anti-lockdown, “pro-choice” rallies held outside government buildings across eastern Australia.

ID Theft Scam Alleged
An unemployed Eastgardens man raked in $300,000 in an identity theft racket, police have alleged in court.
Carl Soriano, 45, is said to have engaged in a credit card scam with Naweena Sukkasem, 43, his partner and mother of his children. They face a string of fraud charges, along with Jakkawan Wongsuwan, 41, of South Coogee.
Soriano recently fronted the Supreme Court trying to get bail so he could attend a drug rehabilitation program, but the judge knocked back his application.

Firearm, Explosives Seized From ‘Bikie’ – Police
A domestic violence call by officers from Eastern Beaches Police Area Command has led to a Chifley man facing firearm and explosives charges.
When police searched his home, they found a black pistol and ammunition plus “a suspicious case with wires protruding”. The house was evacuated, a perimeter established and the Bomb Squad called in. The suspect bag contained explosives and detonators, but was declared safe after the Bomb Squad separated the items. Officers from Raptor Squad, which deals with bikie and other gang crime, visited the scene and seized Outlaw Motorcycle Club Gang paraphernalia.
A 22-year-old man is before the courts facing firearm, explosives and stalking charges.

Keam Charge
Police have charged a 75-year-old Melbourne resident with the alleged gay hate murder of Raymond Keam in a Randwick park in 1987.
The arrest of Stan Early at his home in Melbourne’s south-east follows the recent posting of a $1 million reward for information leading to a conviction. Mr Keam was the victim of a fatal late-night bashing in Alison Park. Early has been extradited to NSW.