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Alleged Crimes of the East

By Gary Larson on November 4, 2020 in Other

Shooting fish in a barrel.

Friendly call to La Perouse, Bondi blitz
Officers from Eastern Beaches Police’s Crime Prevention Unit visited ‘The Loop’ at La Perouse on a mission to build relationships with the local community. People came and chatted to police and the Aboriginal Community Liaison Officer.
Meanwhile, officers from City East and City South Traffic and Highway Patrol descended on Bondi Beach for an alcohol and drug testing blitz. Of the 264 drivers tested, 19 tested positive for drugs – that’s a positive result for one in every 14 drivers, and one driver is said to have tested positive for multiple drugs.

Lend me your ear
Police say a man had part of his ear sliced off in a knife attack inside a unit on Young Street, Randwick. The 30 year-old was rushed to St Vincent’s Hospital where he underwent surgery. Three men and a woman have been charged.

ID theft charges
Police allege a 41 year-old South Coogee man was part of a large-scale identity theft and money-laundering racket. He was arrested at his home and later charged with 18 offences, including contributing to criminal activity and dealing with the proceeds of crime. A posting on Facebook by Eastern Beaches Police Command said more than $27,000 in criminal proceeds is involved.
As the Coogee man’s home was being raided, police swooped on homes in Randwick and Eastgardens, arresting a 42 year-old woman and 44 year-old man who police allege are part of the same syndicate, “involved in large-scale identity theft and money laundering.” Officers allegedly seized 150 mobile phones, more than 300 credit cards, luxury handbags valued at $50,000, assorted electronic equipment and two vehicles. Police also seized $11,580 and 18gms of a white substance. The man and woman were charged with 55 offences.

Assault accused the real victim
Married life did not go well for young Eastern Suburbs businessman Yoel Silvestre, a court heard recently. Within four months of marrying Maria Zamora in May 2019, she was accusing Silvestre of assault, taking out an Apprehended Violence Order against him.
But in Waverley Local Court, Magistrate Ross Hudson dismissed charges of assault and breaching an AVO. The court was told that after marrying Zamora, a Spanish national, 28 year-old Silvestre moved into a unit in Edgecliff with her. But night after night, she went out without him as she pursued her interests as a Latin dancer. At this time, Silvestre was recovering from a near-fatal motorbike crash that had cut short his promising career as a semi-professional soccer player.
One night last September, the pair had an argument in the early hours of the morning. Zamora claimed Silvestre headbutted her. She did not go to police or a doctor. Instead, she booked them in to see a relationship counsellor. That didn’t go well either.
After picking his wife up from her place of work near UNSW to attend the counselling session, the pair had another argument in his car. Ms Zamora claimed he assaulted her again, grabbing her shoulder and neck. After this alleged assault, she did go to police and took out an AVO against Silvestre, who by this time had moved to his mother’s house in Clovelly.
A few weeks later, Ms Zamora claimed that she had received an abusive phone call from Silvestre. She went to police again and Silvestre was charged with breaching the AVO. Silvestre told the court he had been tricked into marrying Ms Zamora because she needed a visa. He said she had fabricated all the allegations.
In his judgement, Magistrate Ross Hudson said that because of the marriage breakdown, Ms Zamora had been relying on a domestic violence visa to remain in Australia. He pointed to inconsistencies in her claims, saying she initially told police she did not attend a doctor to examine her alleged injuries, but later gave court evidence saying she did. Expressing “major concerns about Ms Zamora’s evidence,” Magistrate Hudson dismissed the charges against Silvestre.

Muffled-voiced conman
Elderly people in the Bondi Junction area have been warned to look out for a conman who offers to lop their trees, but instead trims their savings!
“He offers to trim trees for a small amount of money but returns to ask for more money after the job is complete or sometimes does not complete the job,” Eastern Suburbs Police Command said in a Facebook posting. “Victims are often bullied into handing over whatever cash/cheques they have if they do not have the amount required.”
The con artist is described as a Caucasian man in a fluoro vest. He speaks in a “muffled” voice, with a foreign accent.