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Bondi Road Bonanza

By Dan Hutton on November 18, 2010 in Other

Bondi Road is far more than just a busy entry point to Australia’s most famous beach, it’s also a fantastic place to shop, especially at this time of year. I just love the amazing religious festivals and celebrations that are about to begin and I don’t know how I’m going to stick to my New Year’s resolution next year, which is to try to curb my love of delicious food and my urge to shop – it will be broken by January 2 for sure!

Chanukah, the Jewish Festival of the Lights is celebrated early on in December this year and there are heaps of amazing shops along Bondi Road that provide a great selection of Kosher food and wine.

The Wellington Cake Shop, filled with ice cream, cakes and bagels, is the only place you can buy Hungarian Chocolate Kuglof and believe me, you have to try this cake. Their Hungarian poppyseed and walnut log is amazing too.

Just down the road, Glicks is famous for its special boiled bagels, Russkis Deli is foodie heaven when it comes to traditional Russian and Ukrainian home-style goods (and it’s open again after extensive renovations), and Krinsky’s has you covered when it comes to Kosher wines. And if it’s booze your after (kosher and otherwise) don’t miss the fantastic specials at Kemeny’s. Their hidden label ranges and premium dozen selections sell like hotcakes so it’s best to get your orders in now.

If fish is the fare that you are after this festive season, you’ll be hooked on The One That Got Away – the calamari and ginger is delicious. But if you prefer an organic steak, you can’t go past Sam the Butcher – they sell everything from crocodile to venison so carnivorous types certainly won’t leave disappointed.

Sweet tooths can be tempted down towards the Denham Street end of Bondi Road where The House of Chocolate and the Paris Patisserie are bound to send you into a sugar-induced stupor. To balance things out you can pop into The Health Emporium while you’re down there for organic juices and loads other healthy stuff.

If you’re more inclined to eat out than cook for yourself, the number of restaurants on Bondi Road is almost endless. Find your favourite in the Eating Out guide, available on the 30 Days of Hidden Treasures Facebook page – it’s well worth downloading.

Bondi Road is not all about food though. You can grab gifts galore from stores including REMO, Moore and Moore Beautiful Things, Futura, Ecodownunder and Bondi Art Supplies; you can pamper yourself silly at Escape Day Spa, get a haircut or a cut-throat shave at one of a traditional style barber, have a few glamour shots taken at Absolute Photography, or pick up a bunch of beautiful flowers for the missus from Tulipanna,

On Bondi Road you can do just about any odd job that needs to be ticked off the long December list – whether it be visiting the doctor, going under the dentist’s drill or simply picking up the post, Bondi Road has it all!