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The Boy And The Girl

By Todd Maguire on October 29, 2014 in Other

Photo: Dennis Rutland

Photo: Dennis Rutland

The two young lovers were inseparable. Like two peas in a pod, they did everything together. They had met about two years prior and their love was instantaneous. They shared everything, even their email account passwords, which in hindsight was a very bad move.

The true test of their love came about when the girl was accepted by an interstate university for a six-month study sabbatical. The couple promised their commitment to one another as six months was not an eternity. It would most definitely make their relationship stronger.

The boy kept his word. He tore into his work, surfed with his mates and took it easy on the nightlife and beer swilling. He didn’t need to be subject to temptation as his heart belonged to another.

The girl also kept her word. She got stuck into her books and practical work, and kept a low profile on the party scene. She was asked out on dates and sought after by many of her fellow students, but she was strong. Her heart also belonged to another.

The boy and the girl talked on the phone every second day and emailed each other at least three times a day. Modern technology was a great relationship guardian.

It was about three months into the studies when the girl started to get itchy feet. She became sad at rejecting every offer for a date, so she cheekily accepted an invitation from a fine young suitor. It was nothing really – a few drinks and a nice dinner at the local Spanish restaurant. The date went swimmingly as the young gentleman was great company and he didn’t even put the hard word on the girl.

The next week the girl was out again, this time with a different lad. Again, she had a splendid evening. The girl got a bit of as taste for this dating business and ended up spending the night with one of her callers.

The next day a strange feeling came over the girl. Her love for her distant boyfriend had severely waned. She now enjoyed this new freedom and became a regular at picking and choosing her male company. She decided to make the phone call she never dreamt she would make.

The boy was shattered when he received the news that she wanted out of their relationship. She told him of her desire to play the field. You are only young once, she thought, so it was her time to spread her wild oats.

The boy tried to phone and phone, but there was no reply. She then sent him a blunt email telling him to give her space, but he would not hear of it as he was still in love. He called, emailed, sent text messages and even posted an old school love letter to the girl. Still, no reply.

Meanwhile, the girl was revelling in her social life and finally became fed up with the boy’s relentless pestering. He wouldn’t take no for an answer so she fired off the ultimate email.

Attached were a couple of very risqué photos of the girl in a rather compromising position with another chap. There certainly wasn’t much left to the imagination. The boy’s heart sank when he opened the email. He accepted that the relationship was really over. Rather than brood on this low form of break-up, the boy kept a stiff upper lip.

Two days later, after the boy had recovered from the electronic pornography, he sat and penned a brave message. He opened up the girl’s email account, as he knew her password. He wrote to the girl’s parents and attached the offending photos. The boy pressed the ‘send’ button with an evil, yet warranted, grin.

The note attached read: “Mum and Dad, having a great time at college. Can you please forward me some money for new bed sheets as my current ones are pretty worn out. Your loving daughter. xxx”

These days, protecting your password has never been more important.