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Every Angler’s Time To Shine

By Dan Trotter on January 28, 2014 in Other

Picture: Dan Trotter

Picture: Dan Trotter

With the passing of the years, the arrival of January the first has come to represent different things. This New Year, for the first time ever, I find myself looking forward, positively focused on the hopes of the future rather than reflecting somewhat nostalgically on the years that have passed. I can’t wait – bring it on!

One thing that has not changed, however, is my love of summer holidays spent lazily by the ocean, chasing fish, girls and nature’s natural rhythms while enjoying good wine, delicious fresh food and the company of great friends.

With the city streets almost deserted, January in Sydney can take on a very blissful, almost dream-like state. Even heading into work each day can be calming. The phone rarely rings and emails go unanswered, providing time for catching up on the tasks you’ve set aside for such an occasion, or for working on, not in, your life, your business or the more enjoyable pursuit of dreaming up a plan of action for the coming weekend’s angling outing. Somehow the summer heat that drifts off our dry hot land makes this fast-paced city stop and take a breath, and reminds us that life is for living.

With that in mind, here is what’s happening in the watery world we all love so much this coming month.

Out east, towards the horizon and beyond, it is the time of year that the EAC delivers us Sydney-siders a fish rich bounty, so sharpen your hooks and fill the live-well with yellowtail scad and slimy mackerel. Keep a keen eye out for flotsam and jetsam, current lines, schools of bait and flocks of birds, and tow skirted lures in a range of sizes for mahi mahi, wahoo, tuna and billfish. If you come across a bite or the signs are all go, switch the lures for live baits and slow down the pace – this should improve your chance of success.

On the inshore reefs we are blessed with world class fishing during the summer months. Pre-dawn starts and early mornings before the nor-easter begins to crank are a must if you want catches to brag about during the summer months. The sun gets up extra early and you should be on the spot with plenty of fresh bait at the first sign of sunrise if you want to catch a fish worthy of social media or barbecue boasting rights.

Yellowtail kingfish will be on every local angler’s mind this month, but don’t forget that snapper, mulloway, teraglin, flathead, silver trevally and many northern visitors will also be around and hungry for a feed. Personally, at this time of year, I can’t go past flicking lightly weighted, well-presented soft plastic lure offerings in the offshore shallows for a chance at a wide variety of species. Bring it on – who knows what might turn up!

In the estuaries, flathead should be a prime target, while bream, luderick, whiting and leatherjacket offer up great fun and a fantastic feed if you feel like a relaxed afternoon soaking up rays and downing a few coldies.

So, anglers anonymous unite. Prep your gear the night before, test your knots, rig your rigs and get busy with your research. January is your time to shine!