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January Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

By Dan Hutton on January 9, 2013 in Other

Up – Kingsford Chinese Restaurant – Most probably the best value slap-up in the Eastern Suburbs. Get there.

Down – More Bloody Meters – Parking meters for Bronte Gully anyone? We certainly bloody hope not.

Up – Punter – Hats off to Ricky Ponting. It’s just pity we won’t get to see him in the baggy green in Sydney this year.

Down – Red Algae – Sure, it looks pretty impressive (particularly after dark), but it sure does make you itchy when you swim through it.

Up – Street Parties – We noticed that the councils had given approval for a few Christmas street parties – great initiative!

Down – Post Christmas Blow-out – It’s hard to feel confident down at the beach after a few weeks of eating and drinking.

Up – Flickerfest – The Beast’s favourite short film festival runs from January 11-20 at the Bondi Pavilion.
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Down – Humidity – Why can’t we have the heat without the humidity, like out in the country. It feels like we’re melting!

Up – Non-ratings Season – There’s nothing good on telly so get outside and enjoy the beautiful summer nights.

Down – Christmas Shopping – We’re so glad it’s all over. There is honestly nothing worse than Chrissie shopping. Except cancer.