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Jarryd James And The 20-Dollar Bill Party Trick

By Ash London on August 19, 2014 in Other

Photo: Ash London

Photo: Ash London

During the month I caught up with the ridiculously talented Jarryd James at the Norfolk Hotel, and before I knew it the guy was playing Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’ using just his mouth and a 20-dollar bill. It was impressive and it was loud. Others around us were entranced. I guess you could say he has a habit of doing that to people, it’s just that usually there’s a microphone and guitar involved. I remember the first time I heard Jarryd sing years ago at midnight in a small St Kilda bar and feeling angry that there weren’t thousands of people there to hear what we were hearing.

You probably haven’t heard of his name, but if my crossed fingers and toes have anything to do with it, you soon will. He’s done his ‘lead singer signed to a major record label’ stint, and he’s still in his ‘writing songs for other artists to release’ phase, but now it seems it’s time to show the world what this unassuming white boy from Dalby who sings like a black man can do on his own.

Jarryd James will be heading around Australia this month supporting NZ cool kids Broods, and although at this point he still has no idea what his set will look or sound like, I can guarantee you it will be glorious. And if it isn’t, he’s always got his $20 bill Katy Perry party trick to wow the crowd…

I’d like to think that my music is… someday going to be listened to by someone.

My earliest music memory is… the theme music from Super Ted.

Growing up, my parents listened to… Harry Chapin, The Beatles, Harry Nilsson, Bob Dylan and Jackson Browne.

One song that makes me really nostalgic is… ‘Dontchange’ by Musiq Soulchild. I listened to it a lot in a time of my life that I have great memories of. I was living in this mad house with some of my best friends and we were making music nearly every day and having bonfires and buying pet goats – just the usual stuff. Don’t buy goats; trust me, they will ruin your entire life.

If I could have written any song, it would be… ‘Pink Matter’ by Frank Ocean, because of when that beat hits. If you haven’t heard it then just go hear it right now.

If I was gonna be a rapper my name would be… ‘Budget Nudist’, according to the Wu Tang name generator.

If you come and me play, you can expect… I’m not sure yet. Even I don’t know what to expect.

My dream gig… well, I don’t really have one. I just love making music with my friends.

I never want to get to the point where… I don’t love making music with my friends.

I’ll know we’ve really made it when… I’ve paid off my HECS debt.

Jarryd will play alongside Broods on Friday, August 1 and Saturday, August 2 at the Oxford Art Factory. Tickets are available through Moshtix.