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Thumbs – January 2018

By The Beast on December 27, 2017 in Other

You bloody ripper!

Thumbs Up

Lachy Lam Watching a kid who you’ve known since he was ten years old play so well and have so much fun in his international debut is hard to beat.

North Randwick The best suburb for slightly overweight middle-aged white males that work for banks and hate their lives.

Marriage Equality It’s good to see Australia finally coming out of the dark ages and extending equal rights to our gay community.

Henry the Cleaner Every six months, when my apartment becomes unliveable and a tree is growing out of my dunny, I call 0423 595 488.

Gertrude and Alice Even after all these years it’s still the most unique and original café in Bondi. Jane Turner, you’re a legend.

Services NSW I was blown away by the speed and efficiency of the Bondi Junction branch on a recent mission to renew a driver’s licence.

Thumbs Down

Thieves There’s been a spate of break and enters in Clovelly lately, all in broad daylight. If you catch them, you’re allowed to torture them.

Idiots that stop on Hewlett Street A foolproof way of identifying a visitor to the area. No need to stop, you can get two cars through there!

Barking dogs in cafes Sometimes I wish the local cafés would serve a side of laced mince with my bacon and eggs so I could eat in peace.

Rude police I don’t want to be one of those idiots that hates cops, but they really make it difficult sometimes – show the public some respect.