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Local Chick… Mel Brodie from Bondi

By James Hutton on December 26, 2017 in People

She dreamed, she believed, and she succeeded; by James Hutton

Bondi’s Mel Brodie is the founder of Luminate Life, a personal development brand with a mission to help women reclaim joy and balance in their lives. She shares her local favourites with The Beast…

How long have you lived here? My husband, two step children, two pugs, and I moved to the Eastern Suburbs in late 2013. There must be something in the Bondi water because three weeks later I fell pregnant with our now three year-old.

What’s your favourite beach? I love wandering down to Bondi and finding a quiet spot on the grass or sand to journal and set my goals and intentions for the week. I also love a dip at Bronte rock pool.

What’s your favourite eatery? After a busy week juggling work, life, and family, I love reconnecting with my husband, family, and friends at China Diner.

Worst thing about the Eastern Suburbs? As a mindset and soul coach, I aim to focus on the positives in life and practise gratitude. With that said, I sure am grateful whenever I find a car spot on the weekends!

Best thing about the Eastern Suburbs? As a reformed ‘overdoer’, I love that I can always find ways to recharge my batteries in this beautiful area. I also love that wherever I go I come across like-minded souls who are interested in conscious living and in rising up and showing up in the world as their amazing, true, authentic selves.

Where do you like to have a drink? As a working mum, my drink of choice these days is coffee. I love the atmosphere and the eclectic styling at Katipo on Bondi Road.

Do you have a favourite sporting team? I’ve got some family members that are long suffering Eels supporters, and I’d like to see them win a grand final in my lifetime.

What music are you into at the moment? I’ve recently rediscovered the amazing Ben Lee, who performed at One Space HQ a few months ago.

What do you do for work? I’m a mindset and soul coach with a vision to support women to break through ‘overwhelm’ and their own internal BS to create a life that they love. Readers of The Beast can get organised and stay focused on what really matters by downloading my free weekly planner at

What’s your favourite thing about work? It is incredibly rewarding supporting women from all walks of life to step into their ‘personal power’, get greater clarity on their vision for their lives, call bullsh*t on any limiting beliefs that are holding them back, and to really go for it in their lives, relationships, and careers.

Who is your favourite person? I’m blessed to have lots of beautiful souls in my life. My three year-old’s smile lights up my life, and no one makes me laugh like my husband. I’m also inspired by the life and teachings of the amazing Louise Hay, who recently passed away. Her legacy lives on in our hearts and through her life’s work. Louise’s affirmations, positive self-talk, and mirror work, have helped me to transform my own life and are an integral part of my ‘toolkit’ for clients.

What do you get up to on the weekends? After a full day with clients on Saturdays, I like to chill out and spend quality time with family, friends, and me! I love getting my hands dirty in our garden, taking our dogs to the off-leash park at Rose Bay, brunching at local cafés, and browsing through markets.

Do you have a favourite quote? “What you believe, you can achieve.”

Any other words of wisdom for readers of The Beast? You are worthy and deserving of a life filled with more joy and laughter, more time to be you, more time to breathe, and more time to just ‘be’. And if you needed even more reason to make ‘you’ a priority in your own life, here’s some more food for thought: when you take care of you, you show up better for others. Your life is worth living, so what are you waiting for?!