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Local Artist…Nick Boshier from Clovelly

By Nicola Smith on October 19, 2021 in Arts

Nick Boshier, Lucinda Price and Dave Woodhead in The Moth Effect. Photo: Pip Cowley

Nick Boshier has been an Eastern Suburbs resident for over fifteen years. In that time he has contributed some significant landmarks to the Sydney cultural landscape as one of the masterminds behind Bondi Hipsters, Beached As Bro and of course Trent from Punchy.
The Clovelly local has teamed up with Jazz Twemlow, formerly of Tonightly and The Roast TV, to create The Moth Effect, a political satire sketch show.
After reaching out to Twemlow, Mr Boshier said that the two quickly found a shared vision to take the project forward.
“He’s a funny, cerebral chap with a really academic mind,” Mr Boshier told The Beast.
“We really bonded and decided we wanted to do a comedy unlike what’s been seen in Australia that commented on the systems of our reality but that was anti-coalmining, not anti-coalminer.”
The pair wrote the show in eight weeks and also star in it, a pattern that has been a feature of Mr Boshier’s career to date.
“I started acting and writing at thirty, so I was in my own head an old bastard at that point. I knew then that if I wanted to act and perform I’d have to make stuff,” he explained.
“I’d always been a curious mind and wanted to explore the mysteries of life. Early on it was Beached As and Trent from Punchy, so there wasn’t much exploration of mystery in those, but I learnt a lot and maybe got a bit better. Then Bondi Hipsters explored a bit of stuff but was also silly. I’ve really evolved what began in Bondi Hipsters in The Moth Effect,” Mr Boshier told The Beast.
Before acting, Mr Boshier was in music management, managing the artist Lior from 2004 to 2010. He has also co-founded Ludo Studio, which produces hit Australian animated television series Bluey.
However, Nick believes that the drive to perform was in him all along.
“As a kid, I remember being in some sort of school musical. I was dangling my legs off the stage. I wasn’t nervous, and thought to myself, ‘I think I kind of like this’, which I didn’t think about again until I was 30 and it hit me like a ton of bricks.”
Much of Mr Boshier’s career has coincided with his time living in the Eastern Suburbs. Trent from Punchy was even filmed on the balcony of his Bronte apartment. Mr Boshier is emphatic about his love of the area that he now calls home.
“My partner and I have an apartment on Gordons Bay and there’s not a day where I don’t get home and relax and hear the ocean and it doesn’t blow my mind,” he told The Beast.
“Before settling here I was living very transiently, so I love that sense of community and continuity in Clovelly, it’s very nourishing.”
Mr Boshier said he is proud of what he and Twemlow have created in The Moth Effect, which boasts a cast of Australian talent including Miranda Otto, David Wenham, Christiaan Van Vuuren and Meyne Wyatt.
“We go for the jugular; this is not a politically correct, lefty righty thing. We haven’t pulled any punches and it’s a different show to other things that are on the air. Nothing is perfect, but we’re quite proud of it,” Mr Boshier said.
For The Beast cover this month, Mr Boshier has teamed up with Greg Broadmore, a New Zealand illustrator who has created the cover art depicting Time Night, a sketch from the series.
Every episode of The Moth Effect is now available on Amazon Prime.