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December Frother Of The Month

By Brad Malyon on November 18, 2010 in Sport

Name: Karim Moulay

Place of birth: Paris, France

Local break: Ben Buckler, North Bondi, Middle North, Middle, Middle South
and South Bondi

Board dimensions & shaper:
5’6” Quad Fish Soft Board

Shaper: Morey

Do you get much time to surf?

Yes (but don’t tell the missus!).
Tell us about your skateboarding business and how it came about?
I surf coached for six years at Let’s Go Surfing and skate coaching was the next best thing. I got married to the lovely Arielle in 2004 and Bondi skate park was just about to open and we used all our honeymoon money to open the skate school. We’ve taught thousands of kids and adults to skate and we’re still rollin’.
When are your next classes and how can kids get in touch with you for a skate lesson?
Call me on 0400 589 559. I love to chat on the phone and get to know who wants to learn. Or you can go to to book your next lesson.

What’s more dangerous, skating the Bondi bowl or dodging the learners in the surf? Why?

Dodging the learners in the surf. Skaters know their limits and plus, concrete doesn’t move. Learners lack ocean experience, which means the ocean will have control of you. Be careful!
If you had to choose between saving your skateboard or surfboard in a fire, what would you grab?
I’d have to say my surfboard – they cost more and it’s easier to borrow a stranger’s skateboard than it is a surfboard.

Favourite waves around the world? Why?

Samoa. Only two Samoans surf there and the rest are travellers, there’s warm water and friendly people – Talofa!

Where in the world do you want to go in search of waves?

South Africa.
You love riding soft boards, and you rip on them; what’s the reason that you like them so much?
I sure do love them. Why? I’m over getting hurt by my own fibreglass board, it cost too much to repair me and the board, I’ve had my days as a grom, there are too many surfers in the fibreglass area, I love the challenge of riding a 5’6” in 6-8 foot waves and trying to hit the lip. I could go on…
What’s in store for the K-Man in the future?
Being there for the kids, the community, being the best example possible, looking out for each other and making sure that everyone is skating safely and not getting into any trouble. Teach other skaters who want to get into skate coaching through Kman and doing this around the country.

Out of everything and anything, what do you froth about the most?

Riding my softie in boardies just left of the ‘No Surf Craft’ sign, 100 glass boards to the right, perfect 2-3 foot offshore rip bowls, and then riding my pushy home for lunch in the garden with my missus!