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Running = Winning!

By East Side Crew on March 29, 2011 in Sport

Have you noticed that running is cool again?  Everyone seems to be competing in a running event these days. Whether it’s a marathon or something a little less daunting, guys and girls all over Sydney are donning their runners and hitting the pavement.

So why has running in events become the ‘it’ thing to do? It’s not because of the fluoro shorts – believe us! Events give you a chance to be part of a community, get outdoors and gain a sense of personal achievement, plus you get to drink heaps of beer afterwards as a reward!

If you almost swallowed your tongue when we mentioned the word running, just take a deep breath. For most of us running doesn’t come naturally, so every step seems like a struggle and you sweat so much your iPod nearly short circuits. So below we’ve set out some easy steps to get you running and actually enjoying it!

Set a goal: Even if your goal is simply to get out the door in the morning, give yourself something to work towards. The best goals are those that are measurable and achievable in a reasonable period of time. Once you’ve set your goal, work towards achieving it and then setting a new one.

There is no such thing as a bad run:
Sometimes you’ll feel awesome running and sometimes you’ll feel terrible. Don’t beat yourself up about it. You made the commitment to run, you got out there and did it – you’re already on the way to becoming a better runner. Instead of feeling crap, give yourself a high five for getting out there and get pumped for your next one.

Mix it up: Try different courses, do a shorter run, finish with a sprint at the end (at least you’ll look like a pro to your neighbours!), try a couple of hills – just mix it up.

Run: Sounds simple, but the key to becoming a better runner is to run. So just get out there and enjoy it.

Crew Running Tips

This month we’re not going to give you a massive workout (sigh of relief!).  Instead, here are a couple of tips you can use to improve your running technique. These are just a few basic guidelines. If you would like to see us explain these guidelines in further detail watch this month’s Crew video on

•    Lean forward into your stride and aim for a mid-foot ground strike as opposed to a heel strike.
•    Engage your core and keep the rest of your body relaxed.
•    Eliminate any upper body twisting movement.
•    Aim for a nice smooth, relaxed arm swing.

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