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Video of the Week – Bondi Surfing in the Sixties

By Dan Hutton on August 21, 2011 in Video

Bondi surfing in the 1960s from Gary Crockett on Vimeo.

A bit of trawling the net can turn up some interesting things.

Last week I came across this old surf footage from Bondi and Neilson Park.

It’s a brief cut-and-paste job by Gary Crockett with the imagery coming from a box load of 1960s 16mm footage shot by local artist and photographer Charles “Bill” Moseley at Bondi Beach, Sydney, along with a minute or two of surfing inside the harbour at Neilson Park, courtesy of his daughter Marilyn Moseley.

To be honest, after watching some of the drop-ins and fades in this footage it’s fair to say that not too much has changed down at good old Bondi!