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Video of the Week – Running For Tiny Babies

By Dan Hutton on May 26, 2013 in Video

A few years ago i pulled on the joggers and knocked out the half marathon with Sophie Smith and her friends in order to raise funds to buy lifesaving equipment for premature babies.

The inspiration for Sophie’s Running For Premature Babies came about when she lost her triplets. Since that tragic event, she has gone on to raise over $1million and inspired many people along the way. She has also been joined by other parents who have lost babies, parents whose premature babies survived, grown-ups who themselves survived being born prematurely and others who just want to help out.

Last weekend over 476 people ran the half marathon as part of Sophie’s team, smashing her goal of 400 runners.

The video above, while quite sad, gives a little bit of an insight into why Sophie and her team are so important and so incredible!