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Photo: Alex Laguna

Better Dads Set Sights On City2Surf

To be a better dad, you need to be a better bloke. That is the philosophy underpinning Alex Laguna’s ‘Better Dads’ initiative, and to help spread the word he has entered a team into this year’s City2Surf. Mr Laguna will be walking the route with his two daughters, Milla and Stella, and son Arnaud, and […]

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Photo: Gerogie Gavaghan

Harriet Dyer – Keeping The Faith

Where are you originally from? I’m from Townsville in Far North Queensland and I moved to Sydney in 2007 when I had just turned 18. Where are you living these days? I’m living on Clovelly Road in Randwick. What do you love about the Eastern Suburbs? It reminds me of home because I grew up […]

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Photo: Duncan Gay

Gay Conversion – Trying To ‘Cure’ Homosexuality

It’s probably difficult to believe there are still people and organisations in Australia and around the world that believe they can ‘cure’ gay people who struggle with same-sex attraction. Conversion therapists or ex-gay practitioners believe homosexuality is an affliction or disorder that can be fixed by praying and psychotherapy, sometimes referred to as ‘pray away […]

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Video of the Week – Ronald

Ronald from Guardian News & Media Ltd on Vimeo. More men have walked on the moon than been Ronald McDonald. Joe Maggard was McDonald’s mascot from 1995 to 2007. He was eighth of nine men to have done the job. But what happens after you step out of the big red shoes? Maggard says you […]

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Photo: Catherine Noonan

‘Snickers’ Cinnamon Peanut Butter Bark

There’s no better name for this delectable Snickers-like peanut butter bark, which has pronounced flavours of caramel, peanuts and creamy chocolate – it’s really does satisfy too! Before you go shopping for peanut butter, remember that not all peanut butters are made equal. Note that the cheaper varieties are usually cheap for a reason, and […]

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The Rebirth Of The Champion

“Hey man, if these three old man Papas can surf so well, then why not me?” Dasar Kopella, the head of the village, declared as he drained the last of his thick sludge of a coffee. It had been a 16-year hiatus for the former surfing champion. In his day, he won the local island […]

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Photo: Shane Leighton

Grey Nomads With Gills

When the term ‘grey nomad’ caresses your cochlea, what springs immediately to mind? Be honest now. Is it images of weathered baby-boomers lapping up new leases on life? Is it well-seasoned beards, khaki short shorts and caramelised chicken legs? Do you picture dual-axle caravans scurrying in convoy to warmer latitudes? How about offensive television satellite […]

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Photo: Quinn Gulliver Hancock

Lenka – Looking For An Orchestra

Australian songstress and Randwick resident Lenka is truly a citizen of the world and her work has touched people in every part of the globe. Having forged a career as a film actress and television personality in her teen and early adult years, she went on to become the lead singer of the Australian seminal […]

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Photo: Dan Trotter

Tight Lines And Warm Woollies

With crisp mornings, cold currents and less than 10 hours of daylight each day, it can be tough to keep a proactive attitude towards fishing and long days doing what we avid anglers like doing best. However, July can provide some really exciting fishing expeditions if you think a little outside of the box and […]

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Photo: Daniel Resnik

The Twelve Apostles Lodge Walk

Even from the top of the cliffs at Castle Cove in south-eastern Victoria, you can feel the power of the massive surf reverberating through your body. Icy Southern Ocean waves pound the beach below and you begin to understand why this part of the coastline has seen more shipwrecks than any other in Australia. It’s […]

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