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Photo: Alex Lloyd

Declan Kelly – Heart, Musicality, Oneness

Declan Kelly was born in Sydney to an Irish father and a Maori mother. His mother was a singer and exposed Declan to the life of a musician from an early age and he took to the drums and guitar, singing to come later in his life. Kelly grew up playing in bands around the […]

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Left: Phoebe from Bondi Beach.
Right: Rimmelle from Bellevue Hill.

Make Any Look Your Own This Season

Judging by runway shows and retailer previews, womenswear trends for next season are numerous. Silhouettes range from short sexy minis to long flowing maxis, from modern tailoring to soft floaty pieces, with an assortment of colours from soft blush and rust hues, to vibrant yellows and head-to-toe white. While the myriad options may seem confusing, […]

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Photo: Khal Drogo

Sex Is Not an Olympic Sport

Why is it that we are shown so many unrealistic sex scenes in movies we see these days? Couples look into each other’s eyes, become aroused without foreplay, and within three minutes have simultaneous mind-blowing orgasms – this is a fantasy that in real life is totally implausible. So when we see great sex on […]

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Photo: Frank O'File

A Few Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Beaujolais

If you know of Beaujolais, you might think of the floral labels of Georges Dubœuf in the rosé fridge at your local bottle-o. This may give the impression that they’re light, lively wines, not to be taken too seriously. Some are, but there are also some serious drops from the region. Beaujolais grapes The main […]

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Photo: Cali Press

QTips #9 – Four of the Best Juices and Smoothies in the East

Chop it. Blend it. Pour it. Drink it. If Daft Punk were helmet-wearing robo-selectors from Bondi instead of France that might’ve been the way ‘Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger’ turned out. Maybe even ‘Technologic’, too. Cold-pressed juices, smoothies and all things whizzed are all the rage right now. They contain strange and beneficial things, like chia […]

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Photo: Grant Brooks

Something Very Familiar About Clovelly’s New Gordons Cafe

Clovelly’s newest corner café may only be three weeks old, but it’s not exactly new to the Eastern Suburbs. In fact, Bronte residents may do a double take upon entering Gordons when they see cheery Hannah Simmons behind the espresso machine or running around the café serving tables. Hannah was previously the owner of the […]

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Video of the Week – You Lose

You Lose from Jesse Vogelaar on Vimeo. Apparently it is (or recently was) International Circle Game Week. Did anyone else play this silly game at school (and uni, as was my case). It ended up in plenty of dead arms from what I recall. Anyway, to me, who once played this game, this is pretty […]

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Photo: Greg Norman

Respect Your Elders

When you think of the ocean you might think of a dark, ruthless world where hunt or be hunted is the only law. Animals living under the constant threat of being gobbled up should they dare reveal themselves by poking a fin out from their safe place. Creatures living fast, dying young. There’s no doubt […]

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Photo:  Harry Taylor

Spring is Just Around the Corner

It’s quite amazing how quickly the days get longer. With our heads buried in work, study or preparing family dinners, the gradual day-to-day crawl can pass us by and all of a sudden it’s almost spring and time for pre-work swims or post-work runs. With everything that’s going on in the big bad world, living […]

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Pic: www.geraldkelley.com

The Ant and the Grasshopper

Everything I was taught as a child must’ve been completely wrong. Save your pennies, they said. Look after those and the pounds will look after themselves, they promised. I was read Aesop’s The Ant and the Grasshopper and encouraged to knuckle down, work hard and plan for the future. I became an ant. But maybe […]

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