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Photo: Dan Trotter

The Hunt for Red October

I’ve said it before and here I am saying it again: how good is this time of year? You have to love living where we live when spring raises its vibrant head. The buds start bursting, the fish get active and the sun sends its love through the universe to warm our magical piece of […]

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Teaching diversity in schools is the foundation for an inclusive society

Safe Schools and the Eastern Suburbs

The topic of the Safe Schools Coalition has rarely been out of the media since the program’s inception. Despite the fact that its national implementation occurred in June 2014 under the Abbott government, Safe Schools’ continued existence has slowly but surely been harnessed by members of the Liberal Party’s most conservative factions as a symbol […]

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Photo:  Fanny Dickinson

Why Doctors Need Better Sex Education

Over the years I have seen many clients experiencing problems relating to sexual issues or suffering from some sort of sexual dysfunction. Many turn to their GPs, but while going to the doctor is straightforward if you have stomach pains, seeking help with sexual problems can be embarrassing. It’s disappointing to hear that many of […]

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Photo: The Bondi Travel Bug

Gondolas, Glass and Gelato: A Glutton’s Guide to Venice

Venice is one of the greatest cities in the world to visit. Historical, cultural, beautiful and seductive, it is situated across a group of 117 small islands that are linked by bridges and separated by an intricate maze of canals that snake their way through the city. What makes it even more remarkable is that […]

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Definitely not Jetstar

The Unreliable Guide to… Getting an Upgrade

Sometimes a holiday can be a horror story, largely because of the unrealistically high expectations we have for those two weeks of freedom. Read any one-star Tripadvisor review and you will become privy to the angst of a person whose disappointing hotel, meal or guided tour was practically a life-changing experience. First-world problems? Certainly, and […]

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Dog for Adoption – Izzy

Izzy AGE 8 years SEX Female BREED Shihtzu X Silky WEIGHT 6.7kg Izzy is a happy, friendly girl who is very social with other dogs. She doesn’t mind cats either, despite how evil and selfish they generally tend to be. She has a gentle nature and loves to have her humans around. She has a […]

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Video of the Week – Natural Playground

NATURAL PLAYGROUND. from benjamin leclair on Vimeo. Generally speaking, I’m not really into wakeboarding. Truth be told, I’ve never actually tried it. Waterskiing, yep, but never wakeboarding. Hell, it looks super fun, but I just don’t have the resources to make it happen – no boat, no flat waterway nearby, yadda, yadda, yadda. Still, this […]

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Photo: Stacey Jones

Grand Final Weekend

Can you hear the drums, Fernando? The random cheers emanating from your neighbour’s (and possibly even your own) lounge room? Those roars mean that one of the grand finals (AFL or NRL) is on and you’re missing it. Grand final weekend has etched out some of my favourite memories over the course of my lifetime. […]

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End of an era at Jed's

Thumbs – October 2016

Up Jed’s Foodstore – This favourite of The Beast closed its doors last month. A big thumbs up to all the good times and good feeds we had there. Sculpture by the Sea – The Eastern Beaches get their annual dose of culture this month when ‘Sculptures’ returns to out shores on October 20. Jumping […]

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Left: Gabby from Bondi. Right: Olimpia from Bondi Beach.

Key Spring Racing Fashion Trends

It’s Spring Racing Carnival time again, where lady-like dressing, modest silhouettes and classic styles are key to successfully putting together your look this season. Stay ahead of the pack by trying one of these trends… Off-the-shoulder – An off-the-shoulder dress with a below-the-knee hemline is an elegantly on-trend option for spring racing. The style highlights […]

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