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Photos: Sharmin Musca

Celebrity Style Icons and Fashion Victims

By now, I’m you’ve heard about or seen Rihanna’s latest headline grabbing outfit (or lack thereof) – all glittering nipples and derrière and shimmering headscarf at a US fashion awards ceremony. If you can move past the shock value of said nude outfit, you might agree with US Vogue editor Anna Wintour, who described Rihanna […]

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Photo: Dan Trotter

A Time To Focus On The Basics

Crisp mornings, blue sky days and light winter westerlies are what all Sydney anglers hope for across the days of July. Whether your landlocked or boat-based, July is a time to focus on the basics, hatch a plan related to the prevailing conditions and stick to it. Quality lures, fresh baits and burley are vitally […]

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Video of the Week – This Land Is Mine

This Land Is Mine from Nina Paley on Vimeo. Today’s Video of the Week is a brief history of the land called Israel/Palestine/Canaan/the Levant. A lot of people have a lot of feelings about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Not as many of those people, however, are aware of exactly how far back the dispute over that […]

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Photo: Charlie Knaggs

Take The Ball On The Full

It took a very long time to get over his embarrassing mistake, but when Corky finally squared up with his lifelong nemesis it was one of the best days of his life. Corky was a top bloke and dead-set loved his rugby league. He was 19, playing inside centre in the grand final, and his […]

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Video of the Week – Urban Isolation

Urban Isolation from Russell Houghten on Vimeo. Today’s vid is a celebration of skateboard filmmaking between Red Digital Cinema and The Berrics. It’s not every day you see footage of a city almost completely isolated – no cars, no people, just a solitary skater. Imagine how good Sydney would be if it just shut down […]

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Photo: Bronwyn Bishop

The Writing Is On The Wall For Julie Bishop

Bleeding heart that I am, I have thwarted yet another opportunity to confess my sugar addiction to the world. Last month’s column was devoted to clearing the name of a brawling billionaire who was clearly in need of my assistance, and this month ‘agony aunt extraordinaire’ Pearl Bullivant is here to help Julie Bishop discover […]

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Photo: Ash London

Crooked Colours – A One-Way Ticket To Sweatville

Perth band Crooked Colours are really good. Yes, it’s an awkward way to start an article, but I swear to you they are really good. Their newly released debut EP ‘In Your Bones’ is all sexy vocals over killer electro beats and choruses that range from haunting to happy. Having recently wrapped a support slot […]

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Photo: Tamarama SLSC Heritage Steward

Tama Surf Club A Way Of Life For Many

Do you love Tamarama Beach? Are you one of the thousands of people who have been caught in the rip or scraped on the reef? Have you ever been thankful that there were volunteers watching out for you? Tamarama Surf Life Saving Club is launching its film, ‘A Way of Life’, at the Randwick Ritz […]

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Dog For Adoption – Portia

Age | 3 years Sex | Female Breed | Mini Foxy x Weight | 5kg Portia is a very sweet girl. She can be nervous with strangers, particularly if they use fast hand movements, but she is very affectionate when she knows you. She walks well on loose lead and pays no attention to passing […]

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July Thumbs

Up – Google Drive – Technology is amazing, and this gem lets us access all of our stuff from all of your devices, anywhere in the world. Doozy. Down – Tooth Sensitivity – Consuming a cold drink is akin to torture when tooth sensitivity sets in. Get me some Sensodyne, stat! Up – Uninterrupted Sleep […]

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