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Salt of the Earth: Mal Ward

When Mal Ward found out that his son, Johnno, was seriously ill with childhood liver disease, he made a decision: rather than sit around feeling sorry for himself, he would start fundraising for the very people that were trying to keep his boy and others alive. Unfortunately Johnno lost his battle in 2008, but that […]

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Photo: Pompei's

QTips – The Super Stars Of Bondi’s Frozen Dessert World

  There are restaurants aplenty in Bondi. There are cafes galore too. And there are more places to sink a brew in this town than there are grains of sand on the beach. But what about somewhere for those of us who finish dinner but aren’t quite finished eating? Where do the sweet tooths (teeth?) […]

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The Bondi Travel Bug

Getting Giddy About Gaudi in Barcelona

Barcelona’s skyline is dominated by one architect’s extraordinary passion and his distinctive vision for free-flowing abstract designs, which were greatly influenced by nature. The revered designer is Antoni Gaudi, who lived in Spain from 1852 to 1926. Brought up and schooled in Barcelona, Gaudi was part of what was known at the time as the […]

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Photo: Kerry Packer

The Unreliable Guide To… The Art Of Packing

  We live in a consumer-driven society and we just love our stuff. One of the hardest things about going on holiday is deciding what stuff is required to survive a week in that five-star resort and what can be left behind, remembering that you have to cram that stuff into a bag and carry […]

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Photo: George Pell

Sex And Religion

It’s always surprising how many of my clients have acquired sexual problems because of their religious beliefs or cultural backgrounds. Often they are completely unaware of it, which is not surprising when people are taught confusing values from an early age. It’s difficult to grow into a healthy sexual being when you are told by […]

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Photo: Nesta

QTips – The Breakfasts Of Bondi Champions

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This is what we’ve always been told. Brekkie feeds your body and mind with the energy and nutrients needed to tackle the day head-on, to spank its arse, to KO the day like a swift Holly Holm kick to the head. There is another reason why […]

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Nicola Saltman

Making Sustainability Second Nature – Are You In?

Do you ever pinch yourself that you can call this awesome place home? Whether you’re on your daily run at the beach, talking with a mate along the coastal walk or grabbing your morning fix at the local café, it’s hard not to be grateful for what’s on our doorstep. We have amazing beaches, walkways […]

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Photo: Tamika Woods

Chocolate Goji Bliss Balls

As summer ends and the reality of being back at work, school or university really sets in it gets harder to achieve our health goals. One of the keys to maintaining your healthy habits from the warmer months is preparation. When you start the day with your meals and snacks prepared, it’s a lot harder […]

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Video of the Week – Last Minutes of Summer (Part 1)

Last Minutes of Summer – Part 1 from Marcus O'Brien on Vimeo. Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach is a magical place to shoot, particularly before sunrise as locals fulfill morning rituals and workout sessions whilst first light of the day begins. Probably the most photographed beach in Sydney, possibly the entire country, the challenge with this […]

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Our diggers - the best in the world

Best ANZAC Day Dawn Services + Two-Up around the East

On Monday April 25, we celebrate ANZAC Day once more. Originally created in 1916 to pay tribute to the Australian and New Zealand soldiers who lost their lives at Gallipoli the year before, ANZAC Day now stands as a public holiday on which to remember and revere all those who “who served and died in […]

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