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Video of the Week – Bondi Splash N’ Dash

By Dan Hutton on December 19, 2014 in Video

On the November 22, 2014, the inaugural Bondi Splash n’ Dash was held on Bondi Beach.

Over 300 participants took part and organisers were able to raise $5000 for the local youth centre, WAYS.

Waverley Lifeguard and Bondi Rescue star Andrew Reid was both the brains and brawn behind this wonderful event and we mus say, he did a bloody good job.

Watch the video above for a brief look at how the day went down – plenty of smiling faces and good times abound!

The date has been set for next year’s Splash N’ Dash. November 21, 2015 is when they’ll be doing it all again. For more details, check out